Cooke miniS4.  
Coated & Uncoated.
PL mount.

Cooke Mini s4

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In terms of colour and definition, the Cooke miniS4 are equal to the S4 and S5. With a 2.8 stop, they are lighter, but maintaining the quality and excellence of Cooke trademark.
These lenses have the possibility of swapping the frontal element for an uncoated one. Without this special treatment (coating), we can have more flaring, softer edges and a slight cold colour, reminding an “historic” look of the trademark.

18mm 2.8-22, 0.25 cf – Diameter 110
25mm 2.8-22, 0.25 cf – Diameter 87
32mm 2.8-22, 0.30 cf – Diameter 87
50mm 2.8-22, 0.50 cf – Diameter 87
75mm 2.8-22, 0.75 cf – Diameter 87
100mm 2.8-2, 0.90 cf – Diameter 87 

Hawk C Series – Anamorphic.

hawk 1

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The first set of the Hawk lenses, the C series were developed in the 1990s. Small and rugged, they produce a very nice image while maintaining the classic blue flare of anamorphic lenses.

35mm f 2.4 – Diameter 140
50mm f 2.2 – Diameter 110
75mm f 2.3 – Diameter 110
100mm f 3.2 – Diameter 110
150mm f 3.6

Cooke Speed Panchro S2 Set (1960s). 
PL mount.
Frontal diameter: 80mm.

cooke speed panchro s2

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Re-adapted with PL mount, focus ring and an 80mm diameter.
Used in Spartacus (Director; Stanley Kubrick, cinematography: Russel Metty), A Clockwork Orange (Dir.: S. Kubrick, C.: John Alcott), Midnight in Paris (Dir. Woody Allen, C.: Darius Khondji) y 12 Monkeys (Dir.: Terry Gilliam, C.: Roger Pratt).

18 mm f 2.2, cf 30cm –  1 feets
25 mm f 2.2, cf 40 cm
32 mm f 2.3, cf 50 cm – 1.5 feets
40 mm f 2.3, cf 50cm – 1.5 feets
50 mm f 2.3, cf 1 mt – 3 feets
75 mm f 2.8, cf 1.30 mt – 4 feets
100 mm f 2.8, cf 1.40 mt – 4.5 feets

Schneider Set.
PL mount.
Frontal diameter 80mm.

schneider juego

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Re-adapted with PL mount, focus ring and an 80mm diameter.
The older and softer set we have. Accentuated flares.

18mm, f 2.4, 0.25m
28mm, f2, 0.50m cf
32mm, f2, 0.60m cf
40mm, f2, 0.80m cf
50mm, f2, 1m cf
75mm, f2, 1.50mm cf
90mm, f2.8, macro Killar

Telephoto lenses.

300 tele Killar f5.6, cf 3mts.


Created in the 1980s, this lens is a perfect complement to the Cooke S2 and the Schneider ones.

1200, Century f6.8, cf 20mts.


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Developed for filming rocketry and militar explotions from long distances, the 1200 Century was used in motion pictures such as 48 Hrs. (1982, Dir. Walter Hill, C. Ric Waite) and Top Gun (1986, Dir. Tony Scott, C. Jeffrey Kimball), as well in many cars commercials.

Angenieux 50-500 – Anamorphic

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The Angénieux Anamorphic 50-500mm HR T 5 offers a wide range with a medium-sized body, a good aperture, and a medium weight of 10.5 lbs. It is a high-quality and reliable zoom lens well-suited for a variety of shots.
Overhauled and Converted by Duclos Lenses.